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Serving Michigan for More Than 50 Years

At Swansons Funeral Home, we understand how overwhelming the loss of a loved one can be, which is why we are here to assist you with all the details and decisions you must make after a loved one passes away. Our entire staff is dedicated to assisting you through this challenging time. We strive to make your visits to our funeral home a warm and comforting experience.

Please know that we understand, care, and offer our full support to you. We provide comfort, guidance, and the most affordable cremation services, including direct cremation, throughout the state of Michigan. If you are in a crisis situation, allow us to assist you. You can contact us at (877) 499-1581 anytime - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Swansons Funeral Home takes great pride in its:

  • Personal Attention
  • Practical Guidance
  • Professional and Highly Trained Staff
  • Exceptional Attention to Detail
  • Affordable Cremation Services
  • 24/7 Crisis Center

Losing a loved one puts you in a difficult and emotional position, which is why we at Swansons Funeral Home are committed to making the funeral planning process easy. When you come to us, our funeral directors listen to your needs and design a program personalized just for you. We provide your loved one a comfortable place to rest.

The Home of Comfort

Swansons Funeral Home honors the deceased and respects the living. We go to great lengths to provide you a peaceful space where you and your family can honor your loved one without intrusion. Our facility features separate viewing and cremation rooms to ensure your privacy. We're dedicated to making you feel safe and supported during this time of grief.

We offer assistance for the following:

Let Us Help You

Our affordable cremation services and comprehensive funeral packages assure your loved one is properly put to rest with dignity. Let us help you receive the peace of mind you deserve through our quality, caring services. Speak with one of our friendly staff members by contacting us at (877) 499-1581.

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Swansons Funeral Home?

  • Affordable Cremation Services
  • 24/7 Crisis Center
  • Personal Attention
  • Practical Guidance
  • Exceptional Attention to Detail
  • Professional & Highly Trained Staff

Member of the following Associations:

National Funeral Directors Association
International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association
National Funeral Directors & Morticians Association
Federated Funeral Directors of America