How to Choose a Cremation Provider

funeral services DetroitFar more American families these days are choosing cremation over burial. Every individual has his or her personal reasons for selecting direct cremations in Detroit; however, cremation is often chosen because it is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Additionally, it enables surviving family members to keep the loved one's cremains close by, if desired. Before selecting a provider for your loved one's funeral services, consider the following factors.

Check the Provider's Credentials

It's important to select a reputable provider of Flint, MI cremation services. You should select a cremation provider who has been acknowledged by professional organizations, such as the National Funeral Directors Association and the National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association, and the Federated Funeral Directors of America. Your chosen cremation provider should also be Certified Cremation Arrangers, as designated by the International Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Association (ICCFA). This designation ensures that the cremation provider you select will adhere to strict ethical guidelines pertaining to the covering, handling, and proper identification of the remains.

Ask the Provider Important Questions

It's advisable to arrange a time to meet the cremation provider face-to-face. You can gain a sense of how the facility is operated and you can ask important questions. For example, you may wish to ask if the cremation can be witnessed by a family member or other designated person, how the body is identified prior to cremation, and what the facility's protocols are with regard to verifying the identity of the cremains. If the cremation provider you choose has been certified by the ICCFA, you can rest assured that the provider adheres to strict identification protocols and that foreign material, such as prosthetics, will be handled in a respectful manner.

Consider Affordability

Another factor to consider when choosing a cremation provider is the affordability of the service. Although it is indeed important to say goodbye to your loved one in a respectful manner, you can certainly do so while adhering to a budget. Ask whether the cremation provider offers a range of package options to allow you to customize your loved one's funeral services.

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