Reasons to Consider Cremation

affordable cremation Flint MIAlthough burial has long been considered traditional among many cultures, many more families have been choosing cremation in recent years. You might choose an affordable cremation if you're working with funeral homes located in Detroit to pre-plan your own funeral. Surviving family members often consider cremation as a respectful way to say goodbye to loved ones who did not specify their final wishes. There are many reasons why you might consider working with a funeral services professional to plan a cremation, such as for environmental, religious, or financial reasons.

Environmental Concerns

Many people prefer direct cremation in Flint, MI because they feel that it is better for the environment. Burial within a casket takes up land that could be put to other uses. Additionally, choosing cremation avoids the need to use a formaldehyde-based embalming fluid.

Religious Reasons

It's common to choose a method of saying goodbye to loved ones based on religious doctrine or spiritual beliefs. Many religions instruct their adherents to bury their dead, while others favor cremation. However, even religious beliefs that lean toward burial may be considered more flexible in recent times, enabling adherents of the faith to feel comfortable considering cremation as a viable option.

Financial Considerations

Funeral homes often offer varying funeral packages. The cost of a funeral can depend upon the specific services and casket chosen. Although there are affordable funeral options available to family members, cremation is generally even more affordable. This is often an important consideration for a family who may have lost the benefit of the income of the decedent.

Personal Preferences

You may have your own personal reasons for choosing an affordable cremation. The idea of being buried in the earth may not appeal to you, for example, or you may feel uncomfortable with the idea of being available for viewing during a wake. If you're choosing cremation for a lost loved one, you may feel that it is more important to you to keep his or her ashes close to you, rather than to bury him or her. Or, you may wish to scatter the cremains in a place that held special meaning for your lost loved one.

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