Factors to Consider When Planning a Memorial Service

funeral in DetroitWhether you choose cremation or burial for a loved one, planning the associated funeral service gives you a chance to truly honor the friend or family member you've lost. After the funeral is over, you may wish to hold a separate memorial service to further celebrate that person's life. There are several factors to keep in mind when planning a memorial to ensure you end up with a service that is a meaningful tribute to the person you've lost and a comfort to the family and friends he or she has left behind. After the funeral in Detroit has ended, you may want to consider the following factors for planning a memorial service.

When to Have the Memorial Service

Funerals are held within a few days of the deceased's passing, but because a memorial doesn't have to be tied to the cremation or burial timeframe, you have much more flexibility when choosing the date. Some people choose to have memorial services on significant days, such as the birthday of the person who passed away. Others simply choose a time that feels right to pay tribute. One factor to keep in mind when choosing a date for a memorial service is being able to provide enough notice for out-of-town friends and family members to make travel arrangements.

Where to Have the Memorial Service

Funeral services are usually held at funeral homes or churches, but memorial services can be held anywhere. You may wish to gather at the cemetery for a memorial, or instead opt to hold the memorial at a favorite bar or restaurant of the person who passed. Outdoor locations can also be good choices. Consider things like the number of guests you believe will attend, as well as the tone you wish to set for the service.

Speakers for the Memorial Service

You don't have to have speakers for the memorial service, but having a few friends and family members share personal stories about the lost person can make it feel more personal. At the very least, you may want to nominate someone to welcome the guests and say a few words about why you're all gathered together.

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