Selecting a Cremation Urn for Your Loved One

Memorial Urns Near DetroitIf you've selected cremation for a lost loved one, the next step is choosing an urn for the ashes. There are several different types of urns available, and the associates at the funeral home can walk you through your options so that you can find one that is affordable and suitable for your needs. When you're looking for memorial urns near Detroit, keep the following information in mind.

Consider the Size of the Urn

Urns for ashes come in a number of different sizes. Several factors determine which size you need. For instance, if you plan on saving only a portion of the ashes after scattering the remainder, then your urn can be smaller. Smaller urns may also be appropriate if you plan to share the ashes between family members after cremation. If the urn is going to be placed in a cemetery columbarium, find out if there are any size restrictions.

Choose the Right Material

Cremation urns are made from a vast number of materials. Consider where you plan to keep the urn when choosing which material is best. Wooden urns are ideal for outdoor displays, while porcelain, bronze, marble, and ceramic urns are attractive for indoor displays. If you plan on burying the urn, stay away from brass. Talk to your funeral home director about your plans for the cremains and which materials are suitable for those purposes. Materials can also have a big impact on cost, so ask about options that are within your budget.

Select a Meaningful Design

If the urn will be on display, you'll want to consider its design. You may opt for an urn that honors something specific about your lost loved one, such as an urn designed for veterans or one that carries the logo of a sports team. Companion urns can be used to store and display the cremains of a couple. If the cremains will be placed in a columbarium, review their rules for urn designs before settling on the right one.

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