A Guide to Planning an Affordable Funeral

Funeral Planning DetroitWhen you face the prospect of planning a burial or cremation service, cost is one of the considerations that must factor into your decision-making process. Funeral homes can help you plan a funeral that honors your loved one's wishes and matches your budget. Planning an affordable funeral in Detroit is possible. This information will help.

Avoid Emotional Spending

During this stressful time, juggling finances is the last thing you want to think about. It's easy to make emotional decisions about funeral planning, but try to avoid overspending. Tell your funeral home your goals for the service and what your budget is. With that information, the staff can help you plan the right kind of burial or cremation service for your needs. Don't make last-minute decisions that significantly increase the cost of the funeral. For instance, if your lost loved one wanted an affordable direct cremation, don't instead plan a full, traditional funeral and burial at the last minute, which could be more costly.

Know What You're Buying

Funeral homes usually bill for services individually instead of providing a group of services for one set price. This can work in your favor, as you can select just the elements you want to pay for, but to do so, you have to understand your bill. Ask the funeral home staff to review each charge with you, so you can eliminate any expenses you don't want or need.

Consider Pre-Planning

You can save your family the stress of trying to plan an affordable funeral during a difficult time by pre-planning your own service. In addition to making important decisions about things like burial versus cremation, you can also lock in affordable rates and even pre-pay for all or a portion of your funeral. Funeral pre-planning gives your family financial peace of mind as well as the comfort of knowing that they are fulfilling your final wishes.

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