A Look at Your Cremation Urn Options

Cremation Services DetroitIf you choose cremation for a deceased loved one, one decision you have to make is which of the many available urns for ashes will be the right option. Everything from cost to what you plan to do with the cremains will factor into the decision. Talk to a funeral home that provides affordable cremation services in Detroit to learn more about urn options. The following guide will also help.

Cremation Urns Explained

Cremation urns are simply containers designed to store cremains. They aren't the only way cremains can be returned to families. Some people opt for other types of containers and even plastic bags. Families that want to display the cremains, whether in a mausoleum or at home, usually choose urns. Urns are also recommended for burial of cremains. Urns can be simple and small or large and ornate, depending on your budget and preferences, as well as the wishes of your lost loved one.

Cremation Urn Types

Urns are created using a long list of materials. If you plan to bury the cremains, consider choosing a biodegradable urn. These types of urns are made from natural, sustainable materials, like recycled paper and clay. Other types of memorial urns are made from materials like glass, crystal, granite, stainless steel, resin, and more. The material used has a significant impact on the price of the urn. Urns also come in a wide array of sizes and shapes. If multiple family members plan to share the cremains, several small urns could be the right choice. If you plan to display the cremains in a special place at home or in a mausoleum, consider a larger, more decorative urn. For couples that wish to remain side-by-side after their passings, companion urns designed to hold the cremains of two people are available.

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