Essential Tips for Planning a Funeral

Detroit Funeral Planning The period following the death of a loved one is unbearably hard for many families, which makes planning for the loved one's funeral a challenge. Planning a funeral and paying for it in advance is a wonderful way to help your family through the difficulty of funeral planning. Whether you are pre-planning or planning a few days before the funeral services in Detroit , let this article help you with the process.

Pre-Plan If Possible

Pre-payment is optional; it's always possible to plan out the funeral and just set the money aside for the family member who is in charge of the funeral services. If you are planning your funeral, have a conversation with your family about your wishes. Do not sign a preplanning contract at a funeral home without first discussing it with your financial planner or attorney.

Know Your Rights

As a potential funeral home customer, you are allowed to take a price list home with you. Even if you are shopping by telephone, funeral homes are required to provide you with pricing information. Even if your funeral home has packages, you have the right as a consumer to choose the individual goods and services you want.

Understand Your Options for a Burial Container

The costs of a casket or burial container can span from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. When you shop for burial containers, ask your funeral home to give you a price list of the caskets before you see them. You can buy a grave liner or burial vault to better protect the casket. Some cemeteries will ask you to buy an outer burial container to prevent the grave from sinking.

Keep Your Budget In Mind

During highly emotional times, it is easy to spend more than you intended to on funeral services. Keep in mind your family's budget when you are planning the funeral, but remember that having some of the extras such as embalming can make a big difference, and can help them along the grieving process by seeing their loved one once more before saying goodbye.

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