Blog Posts in April, 2015

Should You Choose Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation is a viable option for many families, particularly when the decedent did not engage in funeral planning in advance. There are many reasons why your family might choose direct ...
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A Straightforward Guide to Cremation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cremation is becoming an increasingly popular choice in the United States. More and more people are opting for cremation instead of traditional burial for a long list of reasons, this most important ...
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What Is Expected of You When You're a Pallbearer?

When a family member or close friend passes, you may be asked to be a pallbearer at the funeral services near Detroit. Being asked to serve as a pallbearer at the funeral ceremony is an honor that ...
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Are Your Children Old Enough to Attend a Funeral?

When a loved one passes on, there are many difficult decisions that must be made. Unless your loved one preplanned the funeral services, your family will need to arrange the funeral services near ...
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