Are Your Children Old Enough to Attend a Funeral?

funeral services michiganWhen a loved one passes on, there are many difficult decisions that must be made. Unless your loved one preplanned the funeral services, your family will need to arrange the funeral services near Detroit, select a casket or urn, and perhaps arrange a reception after the service. It’s natural for parents to want to protect their children from the process of planning a funeral and the service itself, and there is no “set in stone” rule regarding involving the children or leaving them at home. You must make your decision based on your children’s maturity level, preferences, and similar factors.

Is Someone Available to Watch Very Young Children?

Since infants will not understand what happens at funeral homes and toddlers may only have a vague concept of death, many families prefer to leave very young children at home. If you would rather have your children with you during this time or you cannot arrange a babysitter, it’s perfectly alright to bring youngsters to funeral homes. Often, a funeral home will have a private area where family members can retreat away from attendees at the visitation. You can bring your children there if they get restless. At the church service, if applicable, you can take them into the vestibule or just outside the church.

Will There be an Open Casket?

Although young children may not fully grasp the concept of death, seeing a deceased loved one lying motionless in the casket may frighten them. If your family plans to have an open casket, it may be best to leave your kids at home. Older children and teenagers may also be unnerved by open caskets.

Does Your Child Want to Attend?

Children often have a difficult time expressing grief, perhaps in part because they have little control over the situation. As part of the healing process, your child may want to choose whether or not to attend the visitation and church services. If your child chooses not to attend, it’s best not to force him or her to go anyway. If your child does choose to attend, you can help him or her prepare by informing him or her what to expect at funeral homes. Your child may also wish to participate in a meaningful way, such as by reading a religious passage at the service.

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