A Look at Direct Cremation

cremation detroitAfter losing a loved one, many people wish to tie up loose ends and pay their respects as soon as possible. Direct cremation in Detroit allows you to have the body cremated quickly so that you can focus on your coping process. This can be an excellent choice if you do not plan on holding traditional funeral services. Continue reading if you would like to take a closer look at direct cremation.

In the case of a normal cremation, people typically hold a funeral or memorial service before the body is cremated. With direct cremation, the cremation occurs before the memorial services. Direct cremation allows you to avoid many of the fees associated with memorials, including the price of a casket, funeral home fees, and preparation of the body. Aspects of death such as choosing a casket can force loved ones to fixate on the individual’s death rather than memorialize his or her life. Direct cremation begins with the transportation of the body to the crematory. Once the appropriate paperwork has been filed, the body will be heated in a cremation oven. At the end of the direct cremation, you will receive your loved one’s remains.

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