How to Choose a Funeral Home

cremation detroitIn addition to the mourning process, losing a loved one leaves you with the responsibility of funeral planning and cremation in Detroit. In order to ensure that the funeral goes according to plan, it is important to choose the right home. Consider the services a funeral home offers as well as the fees required, and take some time to choose a location. It is also important that the funeral reflects the personality of the person who has passed away. Read on for more tips on how to choose a funeral home.

Services and Fees

When you begin to look for a funeral home, you should always find out what kind of services each home will offer. Some funeral homes will offer different tiers of service that vary in price. Find out how the funeral home will charge you and what they will charge you for before making a final decision. There are many fees that homes may charge you for, including embalming, dressing, and transportation of the body to and from the funeral home and cemetery. Choose the right funeral home so that you do not have to deal with unnecessary fees during this difficult time.


Another important factor in determining where to hold a funeral is the location of the funeral home. A funeral should be held where the individual who has passed spent most of his or her life or had an impact on the community. If a loved one lived primarily in New York but passed away shortly after moving to Florida, the funeral should probably be held in New York. This allows friends and family members of the deceased person to pay their respects.


Many people see funerals as opportunities to do right by their departed loved one. This typically includes custom funeral cards with suitable prayers and sayings as well as pictures of the individual enjoying his or her time with friends and family. Always make sure that the funeral home you choose allows you to customize the funeral in these kinds of ways, as friends and family always appreciate the sentiment.

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