What to Expect from Cremation

cremation detroitIf your loved one decided that Detroit cremation would be preferable to funeral services, it helps to understand what exactly this means for you. People have different rituals and traditions when it comes to coping with their loss, and they often involve visiting a gravesite. When your loved one is cremated, however, there is no gravesite. Keep reading if you are interested in finding out what to expect from cremation.

Additional Decisions

Whether it was your loved one’s wish to be cremated or you had to make the decision, cremation leads to a few more decisions as well. First, you must consider how the ashes will be stored. Most people tend to gravitate towards urns, but other options are available. You must also decide whether you will keep the ashes or release them. In some cases it may feel like the “right thing to do” to spread the ashes at a favorite vacation place or the site of an important event. However, you must then decide whether you will spread all of the ashes at the same time or if you will do so periodically over years or even decades. It helps to seek the advice of other friends and family members when making these decisions.

A Realistic View of Ashes

Many people think of ashes as soft, fine sand, but this is not the case. Instead, you must be prepared for there to be shards of bones. This can make some people squeamish, so it helps to have a trusted friend or relative with you if you decide to spread the ashes. The reality of the situation can deeply impact you, so it is nice to rely one someone to comfort you.


If you are the one who receives a loved one’s ashes, it is respectful to let other friends and family members know of your intentions. You might decide to spread the ashes in another state, another country, or even in a series of different locations where few other people will be part of the experience. Take a photograph or video in order to include others in the event.

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