How to Memorialize a Loved One

funeral homes detroit MIThere is no one "right" way to memorialize a lost loved one. There are many methods your family can consider, such as an urn garden or a columbarium niche. Your decision should be informed by your loved one's life, accomplishments, and personality, in addition to the preferences of the surviving family members. Visiting funeral homes located in Detroit to plan a cremation can be an overwhelming experience. In the wake of a loss, it can be difficult for surviving family members to think clearly, which is why it's so important to turn to trusted professionals at funeral homes who can gently guide you through each of your options.

Cremation Urns

If your family wishes to keep your loved one's remains close, you might consider cremation urns. Cremation urns are available in a range of styles, materials, colors, and sizes to suit every budget. As part of affordable cremation services in Flint, MI, your family might choose a classic Grecian design or a modern design that reflects your loved one's particular interests.

Urn Garden

After cremation, some families prefer to inter the remains of the loved one. Many cemeteries have an urn garden set aside for this purpose. The exact design of these areas is unique to the cemetery. Some have ground interment, while others offer niche interment with accompanying memorial plaques or sculptures.

Columbarium Niche

A columbarium niche may be an indoor or outdoor wall in a cemetery or within private property. These walls contain niches to hold cremation urns. The front of the niches may be composed of glass, marble, mosaic, or other materials. This type of memorial option may be ideal for your family if you wish to display meaningful possessions of your loved one alongside the urn.

Family Plot

Many families already own a family plot within a cemetery. If so, you may wish to inter your loved one's cremation urn there. Ground interment may be available or you might prefer an above ground memorial option. You'll need to evaluate the policies of the cemetery before choosing a monument or marker.

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