What to Know About Planning a Funeral

detriot funeral planningDetroit funeral planning is rarely easy, even when someone is pre-planning his or her own affordable cremation. Fortunately, professionals that provide funeral services near Flint, MI are keenly aware that this is a very difficult time for family members. Funeral service providers can help you with every step of the funeral planning process. You can rely on them to answer your questions thoroughly and to remain accessible to you throughout the process.

When to Plan a Funeral

The question of when to plan a funeral may seem obvious at first blush. However, visits to funeral homes need not always be made immediately following a loved one's passing. In many cases, a loved one may be critically ill. When his or her physician advises entry into a hospice program, your family might consider starting the funeral planning process. By doing so, you'll be able to make critical decisions at a time when you can think clearly. Additionally, your loved one may voice his or her preferences regarding funeral planning. Another factor to consider is funeral pre-planning. Even if you are not seriously ill, you may wish to make your own arrangements to spare your family members from sorting through the details later down the road.

Who to Contact

When a loved one passes, many family members prefer to sit quietly with the decedent to reflect and pray. When you're ready, it's time to make the notifications. In addition to calling the hospice provider, if applicable, and the funeral home, you'll need to call immediate family members. However, once this has been done, you can wait to contact other individuals until after you meet with the funeral service provider. This way, you'll be able to let them know of the date and time of the funeral ceremony.

How to Choose Funeral Services

Your funeral service provider can guide you through the available options for honoring your loved one. You may wish to choose direct cremation, which takes place immediately. A funeral ceremony may be arranged at a later date, if you wish. This is often beneficial for family members that must make travel arrangements. Or, you may wish to choose a traditional cremation with a funeral service that includes musical arrangements, religious readings, and a reception.

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