How to Transport Cremated Remains

detroit cremationAfter a Detroit cremation, you may have to transport the cremated remains of your loved one to an interment site, a memorial service, or the place at which you plan on scattering the ashes. There are certain laws and statutes regulating the transport of ashes, and these rules may vary depending on where you live, and how the remains will be transported.

You may need certain certificates, documentation, and the assistance of a licensed funeral director to ensure that you aren’t breaking any laws. At the least, you should have a death certificate and certificate of cremation available. You may also need authorization forms confirming that you have the right to transport the remains.

If you are shipping the remains vie the U.S. Postal Service, you can only send them via the Priority Mail Express service. If you are transporting them via plane, you will need to consult the specific airline to find out their regulations. Most airlines will allow you to transport them as air cargo, checked luggage, or carry-on luggage. There are even more restrictions on transporting ashes internationally. Each country has its own requirements, process, and necessary documentation, and this should be thoroughly researched.

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