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Can You Have a Funeral if You Choose Cremation?

Detroit cremation is a popular option for many families, as the family may still hold a viewing, wake, or any other funeral services they desire. However, direct cremations do not involve a wake or ...
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Tips for Preparing a Memorable Eulogy

Preparing for a funeral in Detroit is naturally a very sad and emotional event. As a result, the idea of delivering a eulogy at the funeral services can be daunting. With the right approach and ...
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Funeral Planning Advice

Like planning a wedding, planning a funeral in Detroit involves a number of small details to work out before the service begins. However, unlike planning a wedding ceremony, you only have a few days ...
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Choosing Between Cremation and Burial

If you’re planning funeral services near Detroit, it’s important to remember that you have other burial or aftercare options, including cremation. One way to help decide between cremation ...
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