Choosing Between Cremation and Burial

funeral services near detroitIf you’re planning funeral services near Detroit, it’s important to remember that you have other burial or aftercare options, including cremation. One way to help decide between cremation and burial is by comparing the costs of various funeral services. For example, these types of aftercare services differ in their preparation costs and container options.

Preparation costs

Preparation of the body is the first major differences between cremation and burial services. For burial, the funeral directors must disinfect and embalm the body. If the family would like to have an open casket for the burial, then stylists will need to prepare the body for viewing. This includes the application of specialized techniques and cosmetics. The cost of housing the body, collecting burial certificates, and preparing the deceased for the burial costs an average of $1,600. If the family chooses cremation without a viewing, then they can avoid these fees entirely. Unless the family chooses an open casket funeral, there is no need for embalmment prior to cremation.

Container options

Burial casket options can very dramatically in prices. While a wood or metal casket starts around $500, this price can go up to $14,000, depending on the material chosen. Cremation, on the other hand, does not require a casket. Instead, families who choose cremation can keep loved one’s remains in containers starting at under $100 in price.

Additional costs

In general, burials are associated with higher costs than cremation services. In addition to buying a burial plot, families must pay to transport the body to the cemetery, have the grave opened, place the remains inside, and close the grave. After the ceremony, the family will then need to pay for a headstone. Perpetual care following burial may also cost from $1,000 to more than $10,000. However, this cost depends on the region and how elaborate the family desires the arrangements. If the family chooses cremation, the only standard cost is the cost of the cremation container to store the ashes. While a scattering urn can cost as little as $50, elaborate urns can cost up to several thousand dollars.

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