How to Talk to Your Child About Cremation

detroit cremation servicesRoughly half of Americans choose cremation instead of burial at a cemetery. Detroit cremation services are often chosen because they can be environmentally friendly and cost-effective, and because cremation allows families to keep the cremains of their loved ones close to them. However, young children may have a difficult time understanding cremation. Explaining cremation to a young child is much like explaining death; keep your language simple and non-threatening, yet try to avoid euphemisms that a young child may interpret literally.

Explaining the Process of Cremation

Before you can explain the process of cremation to a child, it can be helpful to make sure he or she understands that when a loved one has died, the body no longer feels anything. Then, tell your child that the body is placed in a casket and taken to a place where it will undergo a special process. After this process, small particles that look like sand will be all that is left of the body. Young children are easily unnerved by words that may sound scary to them, so try to avoid using words like “burn” or explaining exactly how this special process works. You might consider explaining cremation urns to your child. Let him or her know that these small particles are placed in a special container so that the family can always feel close to their loved one.

Considering Whether to Allow Visitation

If your child was close to the decedent, he or she may have a difficult time accepting that the individual is no longer alive. For some children, it may help to view the body prior to cremation. This depends upon the child’s maturity level and personal preferences. Never try to force a child to attend the visitation. Instead, explain what a wake is and ask your child whether he or she might like to go. Reassure your child that he or she can always go to the wake and then decide not to view the body after all.

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