Understanding the Benefits of Funeral Preplanning

funeral services michiganAs growing numbers of baby boomers are leaving the workforce and enjoying their retirement, they are increasingly realizing that preplanning their own funeral services offers a number of unique advantages, both for them and for their families. Preplanning funeral services near Detroit isn’t only ideal for individuals entering their golden years. Since life often takes unexpected turns, preplanning a funeral offers benefits for individuals at almost any stage of life, much like preparing an estate plan and living will well before you think they may be needed.

Peace of Mind

One of the benefits of funeral preplanning is that it offers both you and your family peace of mind. The death of a loved one is often a chaotic and confusing time, even when the passing occurred as a result of a prolonged illness. The process of grief is a bewildering experience that often impairs an individual’s ability to think clearly or function properly. It can be particularly difficult to make important decisions about how to say goodbye to a loved one and how to honor his or her memory. By preplanning your funeral services and cremation, you’ll know that when the time comes, your loved ones will be spared these difficult decisions during a challenging time.

Financial Security

By choosing affordable cremation, families can honor their loved ones without breaking the bank. However, final expenses can still be difficult for your loved ones to deal with in the wake of your passing. Additionally, many families succumb to “emotional overspending,” which refers to purchasing expensive options because they cannot think clearly through their grief. When you preplan your funeral services and cremation, you may also choose to pay in advance. This locks in the current prices for your preferred services and gives your loved ones financial security later down the road.

Personalized Funeral Services

A third benefit of preplanning your own funeral services is that your final arrangements will be implemented exactly according to your wishes. If you are strongly in favor of cremation, for example, expressing these preferences in advance will ensure that you’ll receive these services. You may wish to express your wishes for the visitation, religious services or non-religious services, and memorialization as well.

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