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Preserving the Memory of Your Loved One

Cremation Services in MichiganAt Swansons Funeral Home, we care about each and every one of the individuals that call on us. With over five decades of experience, we understand how important it is to provide support and counsel to you during this overwhelming time. Our main focus is to ensure that your loved one receives the honorable treatment and service they deserve.

Cremation is the reduction of a body into its most basic components via the use of heat. After a body has been cremated, the remains can be stored in a container at home or in a columbarium, scattered in a meaningful location, or buried in a cemetery plot. Cremation services may or may not include a wake or other traditional funeral services prior to the cremation.

If your family decides that cremation is the best option, our certified funeral associates are here to guide you through the process. Cremation does not limit your opportunity to spend time with the body of your loved one or hold a meaningful ceremony. We also have a wide array of memorial options for you to select from, including:

  • Memorial Urns
  • Urn Vaults
  • Cremation Caskets
  • Cremation Containers

Direct and Traditional Cremations

Cremation is a popular option for many individuals and families. Even if you choose cremation, your family may still hold a viewing, wake, or any other funeral service you wish. There are two major cremation options to consider:

  1. A direct cremation does not involve a wake or other type of funeral service prior to cremation. Your loved one can be transported from the place of death directly to a crematorium for cremation without the need to plan funeral services or prepare the body. During direct cremation, the body is typically transported to the crematorium in an alternative container, although you may purchase a cremation casket if you wish. Memorial services may still be held at any time after cremation.
  2. A traditional cremation includes any funeral services you wish to hold prior to cremation. Traditional cremation requires preparation of the body, such as embalming, as well as a casket during the wake or funeral. You can choose a cremation casket, which will be cremated with the body, or rent a casket for the funeral and have the body transported to the crematorium in an alternative container.

Reasons to Choose Cremation

Studies have found that nearly 50% of Americans choose cremation services. Both traditional and direct cremation offer benefits that may appeal to you for many reasons. If you have more questions about your cremation options, contact Swansons Funeral Home, Inc. at (810) 232-7469 for courteous, respectful cremation and funeral services near Detroit.

  • Cremation can be a more cost-effective option if you are concerned about the costs of holding a funeral, while still allowing you to hold a memorial service at any time.
  • Cremation can be an environmentally-friendly choice that does not require the use of embalming chemicals, materials for a casket, or the use of land for a burial site.
  • Cremation allows the family to keep their loved one near in an urn or other container. This can be an important consideration if you must move often and are concerned about returning to a cemetery regularly to visit your loved one.

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