Plan in Advance For Peace of Mind

Just as you pre-plan your wedding or family vacation, we encourage you to pre-plan your funeral. As an expert Michigan funeral home, we understand pre-planning your funeral may seem daunting, but think of it as a way to provide you peace of mind. By having our respectful funeral associates help you plan out your funeral, you can establish your preferences and budget beforehand. By doing so, you can feel at ease knowing your funeral arrangements have been set and you can even start putting funds aside.

Swansons Funeral Home can help you:

  • Select a Funeral Package
  • Plan the Details and Arrangement
  • Finalize the Plan
  • Budget Your Funds

Pre-planning your funeral provides both you and your loved ones peace of mind. With your pre-planned funeral arrangements you save your family the stress of deciding how to carry out your final wishes for your funeral. By setting up these arrangements now you can have the ceremony that best reflects your standards and lifestyle.

A Personal Choice

Your funeral should pay tribute to you the way you want to be honored. However, if you don't pre-plan your funeral, you may not receive the tribute you long for. To ensure your funeral reflects your unique self, Swansons Funeral Home recommends pre-planning. With more than 50 years of experience in funeral arrangements, we understand your funeral is a personal choice. Our passionate funeral directors can help you plan out your arrangement down to the last detail to ensure you're honored and remembered the right way.

We offer a variety of funeral services including:

  • Ceremony
  • Viewing
  • Cremation
  • Transportation
  • Casket Choice
  • Service Programs

We're Here to Serve You

However you want your funeral, we can make it happen. Having reciecved awards for our quality funeral services by both the National Funeral Directors Association and the Federated Funeral Directors of America, we assure you our funeral services are of the highest quality and standards. We are proud to arrange your funeral with respect to your ethnic, religious, and / or military needs. Contact us at (877) 499-1581 to schedule an appointment.

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